April 2017

Lots of news this month ! At Banbridge Ch show , Yogis son , Leokings Lionheart at Hillhaven ( Sully ) took GS , BOB and then won Group 2 and the following day at Portadown his son ( Otso ) did the same , winning Group 2 
One for the record books
On the 15th April we had the announcement of a new gene test for Leonbergers ( Leukoencephalomyopathy ) LEMP
NEWS FROM The Universities of Minnesota and Bern!
The Universities of Minnesota and Bern will start offering genetic testing for the newly-identified recessively inherited 
LEMP mutation, to accompany our LPN testing,starting April15th, 2017
(for more details see below). At this time we recommend that
all breeding dogs should be tested for all three tests:
For LEMP we recommend avoiding matings that could produce LEMP-D/D(i.e. affected)dogs.
Having only one LEMP-D/N parent, with a LEMP-N/N parent, will ensure that no LEMP-D/D offspring will be born.
In a global group of more than 5,000 
Leonbergers which have been submitted to our laboratories about 14% were LEMP-D/N carriers.
It is VERY important that ALL Breeding Leonbergers are tested for this so that no affected puppies are born . As 1 in 7 Leos carry this gene , and carriers are completely
normal and healthy , one cannot tell without testing !
Our breeding Leonbergers have all been tested and results sent to the Worldwide Leonberger Database where all results are posted , and will also added to their own pages on our website .
On 17th April , our Yogis grandson ‘Otso’ took part in Puppy of the Year 2016 and won !! This is an amazing win over 32 puppies of all different breeds , and will again go down in the history books for Leonbergers in Ireland !!
Also Tassus daughter ‘ Lyric’ Bred by Linda Sebastiani in the USA took 1st Puppy bitch 6-9 months out of an entry of 7 in the Leonberger Club of Americas speciality show . Judge was Wanda Oud from Germany .
Congratulations owner and breeder !!
Leokings Braveheart 4 years old and brother to our Asha .


Tassu son,  Leokings Regent 8 months and 60 kg

Tassu son Leokings Regent 8 months