Elsa 10 years Delboy running Kobo with his 3rd best pup in show rosette Faith 4 months show pic

March 2019

At last spring is here and the Leos are all enjoying playing and romping around and eating grass ! We received a lovely photo of Elsa who lives in California and has just past her 10th birthday and doing great . Of course it seems like always happy news is followed by sad and Delboy […]... Read More
Jasmine therapy dog Daisy cute as button Zeta 5.5 years

February 2019

Our puppy Faith headed off to California and is now well settled in her new home with Linda at Bellawoods Leos . We wish her all the very best over there in her new life in the sun . Jasmine got her spay and has recovered well and we hope now she will eat better […]... Read More
Bran 2019 1 Happy Kobo ralfie bringing his stick home

January 2019

A lovely photo of Bran , litter brother to Asha which we were sent this month . Bran is a huge boy with a real soft teddy bear nature . We also got some lovely photos of one of our Leos now 8 years old and doing really well . Thanks and we really appreciate […]... Read More
Orlagh 2 Asha and Agro pups 3 weeks Fuji (2018)

December 2018

A very happy birthday to Leokings Skye who reached her 11th birthday . Still in good health , we wish her all the best and hope that she enjoys her day . A lovely photo of Leokings Jet setter in Australia .  A very lucky girl to be enjoying that sun sea and surf !! […]... Read More
Baloo , practicing his carting

November 2018

Our exciting news for this month was the birth of Asha and Agros lovely puppies born on the 14th November . Asha had 2 big boys and 2 gorgeous girls , All are doing great and Asha is a super mum to them . As she had gained 9 kg but was only scanned with […]... Read More
Puppy party 2018

September 2018

We are very happy and proud to say that Asha and Agro are expecting puppies . A small litter this time but Asha is doing great and the puppies are growing nicely .We expect them to be born mid November . We had our puppy party and after initially worrying about storms , the day […]... Read More
Saying goodbye to Lyndsay from Australia Tassu , Jasmine and Daisy at Horkins Tassu , Baloo and Daisy with kids at Euro Giant Tassu and kids ITD barbe Prada with Graham

August 2018

Some sad news this month as very much loved Leos passed on . ”Buster ” from Issa and Zorro , was 8 years and described by Brendan as the best dog a man could have and a real gentleman .” Inez” from Zorro and Skye almost reached her 8th birthday and was a much loved […]... Read More
Asha & Agro mating correct

July 2018

Our beautiful Asha will be bred with her handsome beau Agro at her next season which we expect shortly . The puppies would have 1321 unique ancestors behind them and 10 generation inbreeding of 5% . Agro is from Finland and his daddy from Germany , the same kennel as our Yogi ( Lowengarten ) […]... Read More
Skye 10 Orlagh 4 years old playtime Tassu June 18 A Tassu son Asha princess Megan snoozing

June 2018

Since the weather has been so awfully hot , our Leos have been spending a lot of time sleeping on the cool tiles or in the shade of the trees .They come to life in the evening when it is cooler . We haven’t been taking them much for walks or in the car as […]... Read More

May 2018

Our Leos have all enjoyed the warm weather and in particular going swimming , something that they excel at . After the cold winter which lasted into March the annual moult began and so we have been busy with grooming out their old thick winter coats . We had several families visit to see them […]... Read More