We decided to keep Baloo for many reasons . Of course to the fore was his perfect calm and sweet relaxed temperament and being a blend of both parents Tassu and Asha he was also very handsome and correct in type .

His pedigree blends in many lines of top Leonbergers from across Europe and gives a healthy blend of out-crossed genes 

Totally chilled and behaved in many situations with children and adults, we hope that he will become a Therapy dog , and who knows how much more the future will hold for him 

Leokings Yuletide Star

DOB 27th Dec 2016 – 9th August 2021

4 years old

Weight: 67 kg at 2 years

Height 80 cms at 15 months

Teeth: Scissor Bite All teeth

LPN1 NN Clear
LPN 2 NN Clear

LPPN3 NN Clear Lemp NN clear

Unique ancestors 1152
10 gens 6.36 %

Baloo working with his cart now .Baloo , practicing his carting

Baloo enjoying the Puppy Party September 18 . He is now maturing and getting a darker richer coloured coat .

Baloo puppy party

                     Baloo in May 18 Baloo may 18 1

Some Coat here !! A real teddy bear .

Baloo may 18 2Baloo over fence

                                                Baloo 13 months , such a wonderful head , a real lion !


                                                               Baloo at 13 months DSC00497

At 9 months of age .

Baloo 9 months

At 5 months Baloo stacked 5 months

5 months of age

Baloo 5 months website 1Baby Baloo 5 weeks website 2


A very handsome young pup Baloo

Black boy head


Growing and getting fluffier .

Yuletide star ( baloo )


A young Baloo 12 weeks showing off his super movement .

Baloo 12 weeks website

Tassu with Baloo 3 months at school with daddy Tassu


Tassu with Baloo at school