Jasmine 2020 Faith BOS mount Ogden Louis 11 years old Faith BOS mount Ogden Faith BOB Olypic Kennel Club 2020 Bran Mayo

September 2020

What a truly awful year 2020 has been and for us also … We are very sad that we have lost our beautiful Jasmine , who was stolen by Hemangiosarcoma of the spleen . She was the sweetest and most gentle Leo we ever had and we thought we would have her for at least […]... Read More

August 2020

Some very sad news this month . We lost our beautiful Asha . Last spring Asha developed a hard lump under her front armpit,extending half way down her side. This developed in to a massive sepsis and she was admitted into vets on very strong IV antibiotics . The lump blew and eventually healed up […]... Read More
Fuji and her 2 boys Prada 9 years old Yogi 9 and half years Kobo July 2020 Bran on garda twitter

July 2020

Leokings Fuji had two strong boys on 17th July  . Fuji is an excellent mum just like her mum Prada . Congratulations Sandy ( Kansas ) USA Prada had her 9th birthday and is doing well . Still able to run and joins in play with the others . Yogi is now 9 1/2 years old […]... Read More
Elsa died Happy Fuji Daisy on walk with leos Louis 10 years 9 months Faith June 2020

June 2020

Some sad news of Elsa in the USA who passed away after a long and healthy life at the age of 11 1/4 years old . She was very much loved by her family and all who knew her .She was from our litter from Issa and Zorro . She had a fabulous life and […]... Read More
Asha on the prowl

May 2020

We got the lovely Critique for Kobo for Crufts in March . The last dog show due to Covid 19 . Judge was Mr Hedd Richards . Yearling D (8  2 abs) 1st Moore’s Leokings Too Much Temptation for Hillhaven. Very typy in outline and build, attractive head and earset. Stood in a naturally correct […]... Read More
Coco 10 years Brice 10 years Zeta 4 years

April 2020

A sad month for us here as we lost our precious Zeta only 6 years old . She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma of the heart , ribs and lungs .A huge shock for us .  She was an amazing leo who loved her Therapy work and was very good at drawing out very shy children […]... Read More
Kobo Crufts stack Kobo running Crufts

February/March 2020

Kobo won his last Junior point needed at the Molosser Ch show so he is now an Irish Junior Champion ! Judge was Mrs Teija Salmi Aalto from Finland . Unfortunately due to the Corona Virus , we had to stop our schools visits with the Leos . Both them and us will miss seeing […]... Read More
Asha , Jasmine Baloo jan 2020 Baloo and Jasmine 2020 at school Megan 7 years old

January 2020

Back working in the schools this month . Here is a lovely pic of Jasmine with brother Baloo waiting with anticipation for the children to appear ! Asha and her siblings had their 7th birthday . Here is Megan wearing her super long and thick coat on a walk .... Read More
Asha , Jasmine Baloo jan 2020 Debbie and Zak

December 2019

A very Happy 9th birthday for our lovely Yogi ! He is doing great , loves his food and apart from some arthritis , is enjoying life . His grandkids Jasmine and Baloo had their 3rd Birthday , and went for a visit with mum Asha to their favourite place Maxi Zoo where they always […]... Read More
Faith 11 months winners bitch Kobo RES CC and RES BIS Leo club Kobo Res BIS Combined Canine show

November 2019

An exciting month for the youngsters ! Faith ( Leokings A Reason to Believe at Bellawoods ) went to the Regional Leonberger Speciality show and won Winners bitch beating 8 other bitches and gaining a 5 point major ! Big congratulations to her owner Linda . Kobo ( Leokings Too Much Temptation at Hillhaven ) […]... Read More