January 2021

A new year and we hope also a better year for everyone !

Bran and Cara ( Yogi x Carys ) celebrated their 8th Birthday and both are doing well . Unfortunately sister Megan passed this month from a liver mass . She is very much missed by all who knew her .

Bran 8 yearsBran 8 years

Megan aged 7 years 11 months

Megan 7 years 11 months

We also received the sad news that Harley ( Tassu x Prada ) died suddenly from apparent bloat at the age of 4 1/2 years . A tremendous shock for his loving family and friends who knew him .

Leos leave such a huge hole when they go but such wonderful memories also .  Harley RIP

Harley RIP

Our ‘poo bear’ Daisy had her 3rd birthday . Although not a Leo , she is a much loved part of our home and a real happy dog .

Daisy 3 years old