Leokings Enchantress
DOB 27th Dec 2016 – 11th September 2020 
3 years old  Spayed 

Weight:50 kg at 13 months

Height 75 cm at 17 months
Teeth:Scissor Bite All teeth .

LPN1 NN Clear parentage
LPN 2 NN Clear parentage

LEMP N/N clear by parentage
Unique ancestors 1152
10 gens 6.36 %

Jasmine captured our hearts very early on with her bubbly outgoing personality and her prettiness and she has stayed with us .

We always wanted a daughter from Asha , and Jasmine is so like her mum , but with some of her gorgeous daddy Tassu thrown in .

Our big lioness Jasmine at 17 months , full of fun and love and gentleness


Jasmine at 12 months .

Jasmine 11 months 2

Such a beautiful young lioness 🙂


Jasmine beaut head website

Jasmine 5 months Jasmine 5 months head website june   Jasmine 5 months website 1

Jasmine 5 months

Jasmine 5 months

Jasmine 12 weeks website

Jasmine on a mission 12 weeks

Jasmine website

Jasmine 3 months front

Jasmine 3 months grass sit

Jasmine sitting on the bank