July 2020

Leokings Fuji had two strong boys on 17th July  . Fuji is an excellent mum just like her mum Prada . Congratulations Sandy ( Kansas ) USAFuji and her 2 boys

Prada had her 9th birthday and is doing well . Still able to run and joins in play with the others .

Prada 9 years old

Yogi is now 9 1/2 years old and has slowed down a bit . He had a coat clip this year which has helped him not to suffer so much with the heat . He still adores his food and helps himself to carrots from the veg garden !

Yogi 9 and half years

Ashas son Kobo has his BVA results back and very happy with his 1/1 hips score and excellent elbows .

Kobo July 2020

A lovely photo of Ashas brother Bran with the Garda , making new friends .Bran on garda twitter

Till next month ….