July 2022

We received the sad news of the passing of Indie ( Prada x Delboy ) who would have been 9 in October . She had been unwell with a womb infection and was operated on but unfortunately didn’t make it through . Her family misses her deeply . She was a much loved and beautiful Leo .

Indie 8 and half


Indie black and white


Beautiful Indie garden

Some of the lovely photos of Indie

Meanwhile some happy news of our own Prada who has now reached the amazing age of 11 years ! Although slowing down a lot , with an age related heart condition and some arthritis , she continues to enjoy her life which has been enriched by the arrival a year ago of our Golden retriever Rory . Another ‘ baby’ was just what she adored and she still enjoys daily playing with him and even the odd chase if her legs are up to it !

Prada 11 facebook pic                                                                                                                                                       Prada with Rory , both devoted to each other

Prada and Rory