March /April 2022

After a break of several months, the Irish shows started again . Kobo ( Leokings Too Much Temptation for Hillhaven) took his first CACIB and R GS and enjoyed his day out meeting people . Here is a lovely photo of him looking very mature now at 3 1/2 years , having fun in the woods .Kobo new

Prada who will be 11 this summer is now having some old age related issues but still our happy girl with her wagging tail and enjoying life .

We congratulate Arthur ( Leokings Prelude ) from our litter with Zorro and Issa on reaching the huge milestone of his 12th Birthday !! He now qualifies for a Grey Muzzle award .  He still walks an hour a day and is doing great according to his loving owner .Arthur 12 2



Arthur at beach


Arthur 12 years old Leokings Prelude

We received the very sad news of the death of Cara ( Yogi x Carys ) who was 9 years and 2 months . She was the last of the litter to pass on and much loved by Gary and Linda John and David who she was a therapy dog for .She is much missed and leaves a huge hole in the hearts of all that knew and loved her . Sleep well dear Cara x


Cara rip