July 2023

A lovely critique for Kobo in his show in the UK.
Chris Quantrill
Kobo Limit dog 1st Male CC, BOB
Leokings too Much Temptation For Hillhaven, This Magnificent 4 year old was for me the best Leonberger I have ever had the opportunity to go over. He excelled in the heat without missing a step, A very proud head with excellent black facial mask, lovely clear eyes, correctly held ear carriage and very good dentition, superb reach and length of neck to very sound and muscled shoulders, excellent bone shape to forelegs and very good pasterns with nice tight feet. Nice depth and just enough width of chest to give a nicely shaped rib cage, lovely level top line to well set tail of superb length and natural shape.
Very good strong correctly angulated hind quarters that gave him smooth strong movement . A real pleasure to see this young male carry himself around the ring without any effort. One dog that will remain in my memory as amongst the best Leonbergers I have had the privilege to judge
Three Counties 2023
At Dublin Ch Show Kobo again took another Green star along with Best in Breed.