December 2017

A very busy month with our Leos doing much for Charity and enjoying their work , meeting and greeting the public .It is always so amazing to see the smiles and happiness on children’s faces to be able to cuddle and pat such big dogs and feel their soft fur . This year we went to Horkans in Castlebar , and then Maxi Zoo in Longford . Tassu is always in demand for his cart rides for the kids and was kept very busy along with Pradas daughter Ria who is a super cart puller .Jasmine and Baloo came along and really enjoyed themselves , of course getting many treats and biscuits from the staff was a great bonus . After their work in the schools as well , they are now enjoying a well earned rest over the holidays .

Jasmine and Baloo turned a year old and are both so good and calm and such good looking Leos , we are very proud of them . Not easy having two puppies at the same time , and a lot of hard work has been put in to training and socialising them .

Our dear Yogi -Bear turned 7 years on January 1st and is still in great health , active and like a 2 year old . We have added a new photo to his page .

Our photos this month are of our Therapy work at Horkans and our giant pups Baloo and Jasmine .


Irish Therapy team at Horkins

our giant babies