Leokings Safari ( Elsa ) ( Yogi x Prada )
Leokings Safari ( Elsa )

Buster ( Zorro x Issa ) b 2010

Buster .

Inez ( Skye x Zorro )

Inez ( Skye x Zorro )

Leokings Fuji ( Tassu x Prada )

Fuji in the USA

Tassu and his daughter Jasmine at their favourite place .Getting loved


Tassu with Baloo and Jasmine when they were pups .     Tassu and his pups                                                                                                                                    Yogis daughter Cara working as a care dog
Cara caring

Tassu daughter Lyric in the USA

Lyric stacked outside

Bruno with Mary , travelling in Style

Bruno in car                                                                                                                   4 Leokings boys , Sully , Delboy , Ossie and Bubba
4 Leokings boys ,                                                                                                                                             Elsa in California
Elsa sitting

Ch Fortnagael Highland Chief  and daughter Leokings Skye




Dirty Harry

Rex (Tully x Georgia)

Zorros Puppies in Australia

Nasir and Porthos

Piper in Canada




Wookie (Tully x Georgia) in USA

Oslo (Tully x Issa)

Duke 2 years old (Tully X Nuala)


1 second in an international puppy group 2 final


Harry Relaxing in  Style!

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