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His pedigree is an interesting blend of Czech , Swedish , Finnish , German and Norwegian lines and combines some stunning dogs from Skjaergardens ,Dragonsgardens and Namupalan kennels that we have admired for a long time . He has big bone ,a lovely coat and combines substance along with a very lovely head .His movement […]... Read More
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Prada at 10 1/2 with our Golden retriever Rory.┬áPrada at 8 years , slowing down a little now and with some grey , but still our amazing happy girl .   Prada at 7 years of age and still in perfect health and able to jump on the table in one bound ! Her party […]... Read More
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Asha is our miracle puppy fromYogi and Carys , a truly wonderful , sweet and calm puppy , very outgoing and affectionate , she was in our hearts from the minute she was born ! Asha attended her first show , BSD Ch show and loved it . A natural show girl , she took […]... Read More
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Tassu has grown up into a superb big Leonberger . A full red coat , with contrasting black mane and shoulders and the most handsome and expressive head ever . He is very social with everyone and all animals , and has the best temperament , calm and relaxed . He adores people and is […]... Read More
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Zeta is an amazing young and very pretty Leonberger , she is full of fun and life , but also has a very calm and sensible side which she displays during her Therapy work with children . She has done very well in the ring also . Zeta enjoys swimming and is a powerful and […]... Read More

January 2016

We were delighted to welcome Otso to Ireland after his flight from Helsinki . Otso is a son of Sully , and will live with Mandy and her family and we are so much looking forward to watching this exciting young boy as he starts his show career soon . At Manchester Ch show in […]... Read More
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  Carys is a happy girl with an always wagging tail . Never shy or scared , she takes on the world brimful of confidence .She can sometimes be very mischievous . She is a reddish mahogany colour with fabulous floating movement. Carys has now been retired after producing some fabulous offspring .She is the […]... Read More
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  Zorro is a very handsome boy with a most expressive face. He has an outgoing , happy personality , and loves to play . He is very agile with excellent movement .He is very relaxed with children , adults and other dogs .Zorro is now a rich flame red on top , and has […]... Read More