Prada at 10 1/2 with our Golden retriever Rory. Prada with Rory our Golden RetrieverPrada at 8 years , slowing down a little now and with some grey , but still our amazing happy girl .


Prada 8 years old

Prada at 7 years of age and still in perfect health and able to jump on the table in one bound ! Her party piece 🙂

Prada 7 years old

Prada 1


We are very happy to introduce Prada , and thanks go to her breeder Dagmara for allowing her to come to Ireland to join our family and home .
Prada is our sporty Leo , an active girl , loves to swim , jump and do agility . Her coat is deep red and she has a beautiful expressive face and she is a very social and happy girl always wagging her tail . She has been lightly shown , and has her Junior Champion Cert and some Green stars before taking a break and having her puppies .

Enjoy First Class Ginger Heaven ( Jun Ch )  Spayed .

DOB 4th August 2011  Age 11

(Ben Bastien Severni Souhvezdi x Pl Ch Cool Enigmas Ginger Heaven)

Height: 70 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Teeth: Scissor bite / 42 teeth
Eyes: Clear
Hips: 2/3
Elbows: 0/0
LPN1: N/N Clear

LPN2 N/N Clear

LEMP N/N Clear
1Prada working girl website


Prada updated website 3

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