June 2019

A fun month for shows and Kobo ( Asha x Agro ) continued his winning ways . This month , he gained a total of 5 Res Green stars under both Irish and international Judges . It is amazing as he is only 7 months old . He loves the show ring so much and really reminds us of Sully so much .

We were so happy to have the opportunity to meet up with friends across from California who have one of our Leos , Elsa . We took Baloo and Jasmine for the kids to meet them as the last time they had just been puppies . Of course , we had to take a photo next to a stone lion !

Jasmine and Baloo at Belvedere House Gardens

Here is a photo of Cara , who is Ashas sister at 6 years old . She reminds me a lot of her father Yogi 🙂

Cara 6 years old

Our special girl , our Cockapoo Daisy now 17 months .

Daisy 17 months

Finally a photo of the youngsters , our Tassu kids , Jasmine and Baloo having a cuddle after working with their children at the schools . They are now enjoying a well earned rest over the school holidays .

Jasmine and Baloo having a cuddle after Therapy